Chinchilla Cages Online

This is a guide for buying Chinchilla Cages online.

Always choose the largest cage possible for your Chinchilla. They are not the size of small hamsters and gerbils so they need more space to move around in. Chinchillas like to climb and jump, so it is better to have a cage that is higher than it is wide. For this reason, parrot and ferret cages make terrific cages for Chinchillas. Here are some cages we recommend:

Big Chinchilla Cage

Clean Living Medium 6-Level Cage

This multi-level cage is solidly constructed with no weak spots. The metal wires that makes up the fence are no further than 2 inches apart, making it impossible to escape from by squeezing through. It comes with five ladders and platforms for a Chinchilla to climb and play along with a high plastic mess guard at the bottom of the cage to prevent bedding or waste from spilling out. There are also three large access hatches and wheels at the bottom for easy mobility.

Cages For Chinchillas

Prevue Jumbo Ferret Cage From PetSmart

As mentioned before, Ferret cages make great Chinchilla cages. This one is constructed of all steel with no weak openings for a Chinchilla to escape. The wheels lets you roll the cage without having to lift and its rectangular shape makes it easy to fit into corners. It has a bottom pullout tray to change the bedding.

Chin Cage

Midwest Critter Nation Small Pet Habitat from PetSmart

Another good home for Chinchillas. It is a reinforced cage with 2 large opening doors for easy access inside. This is a good value since it comes with 3 ladders, a couple of platforms and even a hammock. The cage has wheels for for easy moving, a slide-out tray to change the bedding and a bottom rack to store Chinchilla food and supplies.

When you buy a home for a Chinchilla, do not forget to buy food, snacks and accessories for the Chinchilla as well!